Student Groups & Activities

Many student groups on campus offer creative activities related to the environment,  including lectures and discussions, community service, extracurricular design projects, environmental advocacy and academic work. Clubs include graduate and undergraduate students. Students can contact all of these groups directly.

MIT China Energy and Environment Research Group

The MIT China Energy and Environment Research Group (MIT CEER) is a student club at MIT that is founded in order to create a communication platform for students, scholars and professionals at MIT and other Boston-area Universities who are interested in topics related to China's energy and environment. It organizes speeches by inviting officials from the Chinese and US governments, industrial leaders and scholars, hosts seminars and round-table discussions on China energy and environmental studies, and builds up connections with China’s energy organizations to promote more information exchange about China’s energy policies and markets.

MIT Clean Energy Prize

The MIT Clean Energy Prize is a nation-wide $200,000 student venture competition to inspire, educate, nurture and reward the next generation of clean energy entrepreneurs, and catalyze innovative solutions to meet the world’s greatest energy challenges.

Electric Vehicle Team

The MIT Electric Vehicle Team (EVT) is a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students that designs, builds, tests, and demonstrates electric vehicles (EVs). The team's mission is to 1) demonstrate and research electric vehicle technologies, 2) provide educational opportunities for MIT students, and 3) increase public awareness of electric and other advanced vehicle technologies. EVT is currently finalizing the conversion of a 1976 Porsche 914 into a battery electric vehicle (BEV) with lithium-ion batteries for testing advanced EV technologies.

MIT Electricity Student Research Group

The MIT Electricity Student Research Group (MIT ESRG) is a student driven, interdisciplinary research group focused on electric power systems research at the doctoral and advanced master’s level at MIT and neighboring academic institutions. The group meets on the MIT campus once a week during the regular academic year, and acts as a mixture of a forum for student research presentations and discussions and a special topics seminar with faculty and guest lecturers. MIT ESRG currently has members from several departments at MIT including the Engineering Systems Division (ESD), Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Operations Research Center (ORC), Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP), and Program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS). Members’ research ranges from topics in operations and control, markets and regulation, long-term policy and planning, system integration, and power systems modeling—cutting across transmission & distribution, generation-supply, and demand issues.

MIT Energy Club

The MIT Energy Club is focused on the creation of a tight-knit energy community at MIT. The club holds weekly events, including document-based energy discussion groups and the MIT Energy Lecture Series, alongside signature events such as the annual MIT EnergyNight and the MIT Energy Conference. The club's emphasis is on building a community at MIT with a deeper understanding of global energy trends and challenges through open, fact-based discussion.

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT)

Over the past 20 years, the MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team has designed and built 10 vehicles and raced them all over the world. The team has promoted alternative energy and transportation through participation in races as well as in local fairs and community events. SEVT provides practical skills impossible to communicate in the classroom environment, turning its members from students into engineers. In addition to hands-on engineering experience, students develop project management and business skills.


We strive to inspire, educate, and empower a new generation of leaders — those capable of creating a sustainable, just, and vital future for our planet. We support students, staff, and faculty in bringing our passion, energy, and ingenuity to these contexts to make our mark.

MIT Transportation Club

The MIT Transportation Club aims to bring together the transportation community for education, networking, and research collaboration.  Founded in the spring of 2010, the organization has grown rapidly to include over 300 members from across all Schools of the Institute. Membership in the MIT Transportation Club is open to any member of the MIT community. Key events includes a weekly seminar series, tours to transportation centers, and the MIT Transportation Showcase.

MIT Undergraduate Association Committee on Sustainability

The UA Committee on Sustainability is charged with galvanizing passion, energy, and interest in sustainability on campus. This committee interfaces with other student advocacy and policy groups, facilitating communication to induce change. This committee also identifies and addresses needs within the undergraduate sustainability community.

MIT Wind Energy Group and Wind Energy Projects in Action (WEPA)

MIT Wind Energy Group is the hub for MIT community members interested in wind energy technology, economics and policy. Group activity focuses on providing educational opportunities to learn and discuss advances in wind power through interaction with members of industry, government, community groups and academia. WEPA is a project oriented student team conducting wind resource assessment and project feasibility studies on the MIT campus and in neighboring communities. WEPA first project was Project Full Breeze - assessment of feasibility of small-scale wind turbine installation on MIT Briggs Field.