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Dec 9, 2016 - MIT Faculty Shorts: Ron Prinn
Dec 9, 2016 - MIT Faculty Shorts: Ron Prinn
Dec 9, 2016 - MIT Faculty Shorts: Ron Prinn
Dec 9, 2016 - MIT Faculty Shorts: Ron Prinn
Dec 9, 2016 - MIT Faculty Shorts: Ron Prinn
Dec 9, 2016 - MIT Faculty Shorts: Ron Prinn
Apr 15, 2016 - A new study points to the risk that China and India will be facing severe water shortages by 2050 due to a perfect storm of economic growth, climate change, and fast growing populations.
May 11, 2015 - Mario Molino at the 2015 Karl Taylor Compton Lecture. 
Apr 15, 2015 - Jochem Marotzke at the 15th Annual Henry Kendall Lecture.
Apr 22, 2015 - Kerry Emanuel, Dan Cziczo and Christopher Knittel discuss the history and science behind Earth's warming climate, and if anything can be done to mitigate a rising global temperatiure.
Feb 25, 2015 - John Marshall speaks with the MIT Club of Northern California about the role oceans play in global climate change. 
Dec 29, 2014 - Graduate student and Rwandan native, Jimmy Gasore, and research scientist, Kat Potter, are working to establish Africa's first climate observatory. They speak with MIT's EAPS group about the project. 
Dec 29, 2014 - Ron Prinn introduces himself and discusses his current project working with EAPS graduate student, Rwandan born Jimmy Gasore, and research scientist, Kat Potter to build the first high frequency climate observatory station in Africa.
Jun 24, 2014 - Kerry Emanuel at MIT EAPS Tech Day 2014. Assessing the current understanding of the major climate processes and proposing new directions for climate research.
Apr 24, 2014 - John Reilly speaks about the growing requirement for vast computational resources in the visualization and analysis of data and model results.
Nov 21, 2013 - John Reilly delivers a lecture during the YCEI conference, "Uncertainty in Climate Change: A Conversation with Climate Scientists and Economists".
Oct 10, 2013 - The John Carlson Lecture communicates exciting new results in climate science to the general public.
Sep 9, 2013 - Stephanie Dutkiewicz presents at the MIT Future of the Oceans Symposium
Aug 7, 2013 - Geoengineering Lecture Series Event with MIT Joint Program on Global Change and Harvard University Center for the Environment
Feb 5, 2013 - Kerry Emanuel discussed a new approach to climate science that emphasizes basic understanding over black box simulation.
Jan 25, 2013 - State officials join MIT faculty for this panel discussing why a strong approach combining mitigation and adaption is so urgently needed, and how Massachusetts is rising to the challenge.
Predicting Climate in a Chaotic World: How Certain Can We Be?
Nov 1, 2012 - The New England Aquarium was pleased to welcome the MIT Lorenz Center’s 2nd Annual John Carlson Lecture to the Simons IMAX Theatre. The speaker was Professor Timothy Palmer of the Royal Society of Research.
Is America Profiting from Climate Change?
Oct 16, 2012 - Part of the MIT Museum's Climate and Conflict Series
The World's Chemistry In Our Hands: Global Environmental Challenges Past and Future
Sep 13, 2012 - Susan Solomon speaks about environmental achievements and lessons learned to help us confront climate change.
"Building the #Knowosphere: How new ways to share and shape ideas can help build durable progress on a finite planet"
Apr 23, 2012 - Andrew Revkin, Dot Earth Blogger, The New York Times
Cambridge Science Festival - What's Your Question? - Rivers of Ice
Apr 21, 2012 - The Joint Program's Paul Kishimoto spins the Greenhouse Gamble Wheels
The Open Fuels Standard: Solving the Chicken-and-Egg or Just Plain "Foul"?
Apr 18, 2012 - Tom Stricker, Toyota, on alternative fuels
Barilla Center on Food and Nutrition 3rd International Forum
Nov 30, 2011 - Speaking about the impact of climate change on agriculture and the food we eat.
Clean Energy Innovation Reception
Jun 14, 2011 - MIT President Susan Hockfield, Governor Deval Patrick, Governor Jennifer Granholm
Confronting the Climate Challenge
Apr 30, 2011 - Under the Dome: MIT Open House
Rethinking Climate Change
Apr 21, 2011 - John Reilly, Kerry Emanuel, Ronald Prinn, Chris Knittle, Ernest Moniz, Sarah Slaughter
The Role of International Negotiations in Addressing the Climate
Apr 21, 2011 - Todd Stern, US Special Envoy for Climate Change
On the State of Environmental Protection in the Nation
Apr 15, 2011 - Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency speaking at Henry Kendall Memorial Lecture
Toward a comprehensive Earth-System model
Apr 1, 2011 - Ron Prinn speaking at the NAS Sackler Colloquia
Air Pollution Trends and Impacts: Assessing Transportation in Context of Global Change
Mar 29, 2011 - Noelle Eckley Selin
Report Card on Obama: MIT Experts Assess Obama
Dec 9, 2010 - Barry Posen, Henry D. Jacoby, Simon Johnson
On the Dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Sept 29, 2010 - David Marshall (University of Oxford) speaking at the Victor P. Starr Memorial Lecture
The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: What Happened? Where do we go from Here?
Sept 28, 2010 - Eric Adams, Elixabeth Kujawinski, Alex Slocum, Jerry Milgram, Wyman Briggs, Earthea Nance, James Dien Bui, Nancy Leveson, Roland Pellenq, Kim Vandiver, Tom Malone; Moderators: Maria Zuber, Amy Glasmeier, Andrew Whittle
Perspectives on Energy and Climate Policy Research
Jun 24, 2010 - Ronald Prinn, William Pounds, Mort Webster, Brian Flannery, Paul Eckbo, Arlie Sterling, Ian Sue Wing, Martin Zimmerman, John Reilly
Geoengineering Climate on a Regional Scale
May 7, 2010 - David Battisti (University of Washington) speaking at the 2010 Henry Kendall Memorial Lecture
The Road from Copenhagen
Feb 5, 2010 - February 5, 2010 - Ernest Moniz, Robert Stavins, Michael Greenstone, Stephen Ansolabehere, Edward Steinfeld, Henry Jacoby, John Sterman
The Great Climategate Debate
Dec 10, 2009 - December 10, 2009 - Kerry Emanuel, Richard Lindzen, Judith Layzer, Stephen Ansolabehere, Ronald Prinn, Henry Jacoby

Symposium on Engineering a Cooler Earth: Can We Do It? Should We Try?
Oct 30, 2009 - October 30, 2009 - Thomas Karl, Tim Lenton, Philip Boyd, Joyce Penner, David Battisti, David Keith, James Fleming, Judy Layzer, Catherine Redgewell, Carl Wunsch, Cornelia Dean, Kerry Emanuel, Dara Entekhabi, Ronald Prinn

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