MIT on Chaos and Climate Symposium

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 13:00 to Friday, February 2, 2018 - 17:30

Join us for a symposium celebrating the diverse and enduring scientific legacies of former MIT professors Jule Charney and Ed Lorenz, groundbreaking contemporaries of the 20th Century whose seminal contributions to atmospheric dynamics and chaos theory helped establish modern meteorology and spread to inform many other disciplines. Their stories illustrate the critical and far-reaching value of basic scientific research.

MIT on Chaos and Climate: Celebrating the Science of Jule Charney and Ed Lorenz

Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 | Room 54-100Please note this is a change to the originally advertised location

1:00PM – 5:30PM | An afternoon of presentations and informal remarks by former colleagues, friends, family, and students to mark the recent centenary of the births of Jule Charney and Ed Lorenz. Also, sneak previews of two short films about their lives and their science woven in to the history of Meteorology at MIT, which goes back to Rossby in the 1920s. 


Friday, February 2, 2018 | MIT Wong Auditorium - Bldg. E51-115
8:30AM-5:30PM - More info: HERE


8:30 am Registration & Coffee

9:00 am Welcome & Introduction - Rob van der Hilst

Opening Keynote

9:10 am Basic Research—The Lifeblood of a Successful Society - Ernest Moniz

Life and Science of Charney & Lorenz

9:30 am Jule Charney as Role Model - Joe Pedlosky (WHOI)

10:00 am Edward Lorenz and the End of the Cartesian Universe -  Kerry Emanuel (MIT)

10:30 am Coffee Break

Weather & Climate
11.00 am From determinism to probability in numerical weather prediction - Tim Palmer (Oxford)

11:20 am Atmospheric Dynamics - Richard Lindzen (MIT)

11:40 am Convective Aggregation, Clouds and Climate - Allison Wing (FSU)

12:00 pm From Charney's Hypothesis to Multiple Climate Equilibria in the Sahel - Elfatih Eltahir (MIT)

12:20 pm From Weather to Climate Prediction (by Numerical Process) - Mark Cane (Columbia)

12:40 pm Carbon and Climate - Inez Fung (Berkley)

1:00 pm  Lunch Buffet

Beyond Earth Science

2:00 pm Experimental Fluid Dynamics Harry Swinney (U. Texas)

2:20 pm Non-linear Dynamics & Turbulence - Michael Brenner (Princeton)

2:40 pm Chaos and the Solar System - Jack Wisdom (MIT)

3:00 pm Hydrodynamic quantum analogs - John Bush (MIT)

3:20 Coffee Break

4:00 pm Fluid Dynamics and Health - Lydia Bourouiba (MIT)

4:20 pm Biological Population Dynamics - Jeff Gore (MIT)


4:40 pm The Legacy of Jule Charney and Ed Lorenz - Sir Brian Hoskins (Reading University)

5:00 pm Predictably Unpredictable: Charney, Lorenz and the High Value of Basic Research - Panel Discussion

5:45 Adjourn


Reception to follow


Please contact John Marshall for inquiries about the meeting agenda and Faith Zhang for travel and accomodation.

This symposium is presented by: The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences - Co-sponsored by the Lorenz Center and the Houghton Fund.

Location: Feb 1 (54-100), Feb 2 (E51-115)